In search of an alternative method of treatment for the reduction of skin wrinkles, Martin Holzlehner of Hanover, Germany, was asked by his life partner to provide her with a high-performance laser device for her practice. He developed the first Vitalaser VL300, which made it possible to achieve a very effective skin rejuvenation without invasive surgery.

In the course of the first trial treatments there were often issues with the hyaluronic acid compounds available on the market. They caused allergies and skin irritations under irradiation because of the additives.

After further research, Martin Holzlehner succeeded in developing a worldwide unique special procedure. Micronization and dehydrogenation made it possible to infiltrate biologically active hyaluronic acid gels deep into the skin.

These gels are produced under sterile conditions without any kind of preservatives, emulsifiers, fruit acids or metals. The result is a pure, biological hyaluronic acid gel, which according to epicutaneous testing is as tolerable as water. In combination with the Vitalaser it leads to impressive results in the rejuvenation of the skin.

Particularly in the area of wound management, post-operative care and after invasive cosmetic treatments, the Vitalaser contributes significantly to a faster and more effective recovery of patients.

The effect of monochromatic, coherent light on the patient’s skin enables the accomplishment of multiple objectives.

Areas of application, among others:

  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Treatment of scars
  • Fighting inflammations (neurodermatitis and psoriasis) 
  • Pain treatment (immediate swell reduction of the skin after tattooing)
  • Bio-stimulation of the metabolism (cells are stimulated to heal) 
  • Stimulation of the nerve endings 
  • Pain therapy for rheumatism and arthritis 

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