Skin rejuvenation

Infrared lasers are being used in dermatological care for many years. Very good results are also achieved in the field of anti-aging with the use of Vitalser Hyaluron Gel.


The VITALASER is being used in cosmetic and dermatological fields. Years of successful VITALASER therapy enable short-term show effects as well as long-lasting results.

The combination of strong infrared radiation and the Vitalaser Lifting Gel achieve clearly visible skin regeneration. 

The radiation allows the gel to settle into the skin. The therapy is completely pain-free and the radiation doesn’t allow skin temperature to increase by more than one degree. 

The treatment starts with the cleansing and the neutralization of the skin. The skin is stimulated with the laser. Subsequently the Vitalaser Gel is applied. This gel is free of allergens and other kinds of preservatives or additives. It is absorbed by the skin in about 10 minutes and will penetrate to the deeper skin layers. 

With the help of the laser, the cellular metabolism is stimulated and the intercellular fluid will blend with the gel. 

In the process, the gel will swell back to its original volume and compensate the existing deficiency of hyaluronic acid. The skin will now start to generate more collagen and elastin in a natural way and it becomes able to regain its natural elasticity from within. 

Right after the first treatment the skin will look firmer and fresher. Overnight the hyaluronic acid continues to blend with the intercellular fluids and can swell out to its original volume.

A depot-effect is achieved after approximately 4-6 treatments over a span of 6 weeks. After that, monthly refreshers will be sufficient.

The treatment is completely pain-free and serves not alone to achieve a long lasting lifting of the skin but also to stimulate the healing process of damaged skin. 


  • No injections 
  • No pain 
  • No health risks