The original Hyaluron-Gel

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous long-chained molecule that exists in every living being. 

The older a human gets, the more the hyaluronic acid levels in the cell layers of the skin degenerate and the connective tissue slackens. Unattractive wrinkles form and later so-called skin fractures appear. This means that the connective tissue is no longer able to repair or regenerate cells that were destroyed by extensive facial expressions.

The objective of the BIOLIFTING treatment developed in Hanover, Germany, is to stimulate the cell metabolism and to supply the skin with the necessary vital substances for its regeneration.

Not alone the Vitalaser but also the original Hyalapure Lifting Gel was developed in Hanover. Latter is produced in a worldwide unique bio-photonic process. In this process the particle size of the original long-chained molecule is micronized and dehydrated in such a way that it can be infiltrated into the skin without auxiliary chemicals.

The dehydrated gel, which in a unique process has lost up to 50% of its bound water, is infiltrated into the upper skin layers and when blended with intercellular fluid, will swell back to its original volume.

This makes the skin become firmer, tighter and it regains its tonicity from within in a natural way. The skin becomes able to regenerate itself sustainably.

Different to other Hyaluronic acid compounds that are produced on the basis of chemically split hyaluronic acids and various additives, which can provide a quick but only very short-term improvement effect, the impact of the biologically active Vitalaser gel is a sustainable one. By resolutely forgoing any kind of allergenic additives and because of its high tolerability (according to epicutaneous testing, it’s similar to water) you will be safe of allergies.

Its molecules have the same composition as the naturally existent hyaluronic acid in the skin. They refill the intercellular spaces long-term and give the skin the ability to regenerate its former juvenile moisture storage.

The original Vitalaser Hyalupure-Lifting-Gel is a biologically active gel. Because of its pureness, the skin instantly absorbs it. It also consistently omits any kind of extraneous additives such as: 

  • Alcohol and preservatives
  • Preserving fruit acids or metals
  • Synthetic fragrances or perfumes 
  • Mineral oils and emulsifiers 
  • Chemical enhancers and other additives generating free radical 
  • Allergenic substances 
  • Tolerable like water