Vitalaser VL1000 Evolution

The Vitalaser VL 1000 Evolution convinces with German craftsmanship and a long life span. Its high quality is the result of more than15 years of experience in the manufacturing of quality lasers. Sophisticated materials and a solid workmanship result in products that function ergonomically, efficiently and with high performance.

All supporting components are milled from massive blocks of aluminum and all other parts are made of high-grade dyed-through plastics.  With the appropriate accessories, the Vitalaser VL 1000 provides an innovative solution for every treatment.

The simplified menu-navigation on the large touchscreen display offers particularly comfortable operation and easy delegation.

The latest performance diodes and the further enhanced lens-surface enable shorter treatment times. Permanent ventilation makes it possible to obtain the full range of diode power during continuous operation without reducing electric voltage

The completely redeveloped applicator of the VL 1000 has been significantly reduced in weight. The outer covering is made of dyed-through plastic and can be wiped clean with disinfectants. The textured gripping-surface with linear grooves can now be grasped and guided fatigue-free by every hand size.


Parallel arm

The parallel arm, made of solid aluminum, offers the ideal solution for mounting the equipment on a cart. The pivoting arm makes it possible to adapt the laser flexibly to the working situation.  

Applicator M

By means of a parabolic collector, the infrared radiation acquires a fourfold increase and is ideally suitable for point treatment (Login to Expert Information)

Aluminum case

The case is equipped with a molded foam inlay and enables you to carry your device securely outside of the practice.