Stop the Time!

THE PROBLEM is the lack of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis of mature skin

With each year of life, our skin loses more and more of its elasticity and its moisture. The cell activity and the ability to bind water decrease. The skin loses tonicity and fine porosity and tends to increased wrinkle formation. 

Between 20 and 30 years of age, there is still a balance between the degradation and the regeneration of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present, fills the interstices of the cells, retains moisture and generates volume.  

By the age of 40, the amount has already decreased to one half and after the age of 60, only 10% of hyaluronic acid remains. As a result: WRINKLEFORMATION and lack of skin tonicity, which is intensified by stress factors like sunbathing, nicotine and pollutants. Hyaluronic acid is used up as an energy provider for the cells and by the absorption of free radicals.

During the aging process, visible changes to the structure of the face will appear due to loss of volume and tonicity and due to a reduced ability to bind water. The tissue cannot regenerate in places that are particularly stressed (e.g. facial expressions). This results in so-called skin-fracture, which is irreparable.

Hyaluronic acid is the most important vital substance of the skin. With the innovative VITALASER BIOLIFTING SYSTEM the cell metabolism is stimulated with intensive infrared radiation. By simultaneous input of hyaluronic acid, the skin becomes able to generate more collagen and elastin.

Meanwhile, hundred of thousands of satisfied customers have benefitted from this revitalizing and  totally pain and side-effect free method. Expression lines are reduced, the skin becomes tight, deep wrinkles are restrained and the skin regains its juvenile freshness. Any premeditated operation can be postponed.


  • simplest operation
  • up to 6 weeks long-term effect
  • immediately visible; a smoother and more fine-pored skin
  • no side-effects guaranteed
  • laid-back revitalizing treatment
  • treatment applicable for sufferers of allergies/diabetes/neurodermatitis 

The Solution


  • Pure infrared laser irradiation
  • and the basic Hyalapure-Lifting-Gel  

The infrared Vitalaser irradiation stimulates the cell metabolism. By the simultaneous infiltration with natural hyaluronic acid, the skin becomes able to store more water, to form collagen and elastin, to supply the newly created cells sufficiently and thus to regenerate naturally. 

Because of the increased water binding ability of the skin, a significant reduction of smaller wrinkles and a substantial improvement of skin texture already become visible after the first treatment. 

The result: A revitalization/lifting/regeneration of the skin. 


In 2001, for the first time in Hanover, by a special bundling of the rays of our Vitalaser VL300 we succeeded in achieving an impressive intensity of irradiation of more than 300 megawatts per square cm of skin surface.

Due to the sophisticated electronics and the high-quality workmanship – milled from massive aluminum blocks – high-end area lasers that combine enormous performance with a long lifespan and manufactured completely in Germany, have been obtainable for 15 years.

The Successes

Hundred of thousands of satisfied customers have relished the effects of the revolutionary Vitalaser system since its official market launch in 2003.

These are the results that you can rely on:

  • Firmer skin
  • Improvement of the moisture level of the skin 
  • Significant reduction of wrinkles 
  • Refinement of skin porosity 
  • Healthier appearance 
  • Even complexion 

Tightening of the skin at the neck after a 3 month treatment.

Improvement of the whole skin structure after 6 applications.